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Stacked firewood Tractor loading logs on to trailer Cut to length firewood Close up of cut logs

Firewood supplies

Branching Out Tree Services provides high-quality, affordable firewood supplies to all areas across Greater Manchester, North Wales and Chester. Our firewood is seasoned hardwood, which is ready-split and delivered for free.


To arrange for a firewood delivery or quotation, call today.

Firewood price listings:

• £80, 1.5 cubic metres

• £150, 3.0 cubic metres

• Bags of logs £5.00 each

• Seasoned, softwood, hardwood, £60, 1.5 cubic metres

• Seasoned, softwood, hardwood, £120, 3 cubic metres

• Wood chippings for sale 1 tonne load £35:00


Chippings are useful for:

• Preventing water loss on borders

• Adding nutrients to soil

• Preventing weed growth


Should you require any larger loads of wood supplies, simply let us know.


Does your garden require maintenance?

Is your garden in a mess and require a professional maintenance service to look as good as new? Branching Out Tree Services provides high-quality garden maintenance. Click here for more information; alternatively, feel free to give us a call.